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Thursday, April 15, 2010

April Grasses for Lovely Asses!


  1. You look so happy, Fenway. I do so love reading your page.

  2. Not that you asked, but... I like the mint green background. The inner gradient, though... eh... I don't think it goes with the mint green. What about a blue gradient?

    (And what a lovely tail you have - I can see why FarmWife doesn't want to bell it!)

  3. I like this light yellow. It's springlike, clean and shows other color up well. It seems welcoming and uncluttered. Inviting to continue reading.

  4. Dear friends, your comments are very welcome! I have tried to choose a pleasing spring palatte, and will continue to make minor adjustments for maximum viewing pleasure or until someone tells me to knock it the heck off.


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