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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Setting the bar

I've set the bar high for FarmWife: of course she dreams of adding a second equine to the family someday, but she will never again shop for a horse or mule with the same broadness of standards. I've taught her to expect—nay, demand—certain things, and she is probably spoiled forever as a result. Any equine she adds in future will be expected to be:

An easy keeper
Hard of hoof
Soft of mouth
Gentle with children
Kind to goats
Well-behaved in a herd
Sound of limb (OK, so I fell short here. Not my fault.)
Good at loading, leading, tying, bathing, etcetera

FarmWife is willing to flex on the Shiny (after all, elbow grease can fix a dull coat) and the Vocal (after all, not everyone is a naturally gifted soprano). The rest? Well, I simply don't know. After all, why settle when you have known perfection?

Now, before you get yourself in a tizzy, FarmWife is not shopping right now. If she were, she'd be hustling down to Enumclaw to rescue that feedlot molly I posted on Facebook. No, she is saving up for my next joint injection, satisfying herself with two-legged trail adventures, and dreaming of a someday far off future.


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